Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pictures to prove we moved.

At the request of my younger sister and several friends, I finally made the time to take some pictures of the house. I'm not going to post all at once, rather, I'll be breaking them up into floors.

Today, the main floor. (Insert squees of excitement here)

Front Door
(free reflection of me in my jammies included)

(living room on right, kitchen straight, stairs left)

Living room
(sorry about the lack of flash, this is the best I could get)

Standing at the far side of the living room
(See the front door by the clock?)

Standing in the living room taking a picture of the dining room
(pass through from kitchen)

Standing in the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room
(living room on right, window on left)

This was taken leaning over the pass through.
Wanted to show a pic from that corner.
Not sure it turned out very well.

Kitchen. Pic taken from doorway to dining room.
(cute hubby fixing morning coffee)

(taken from doorway by front hallway)

First floor bathroom
(one of the main reasons for moving)

Family room
(hubby calls it the man cave)

Man cave fireplace

Mr. Ed door in man cave


Tonyia said...

Great house! And I love the Mr Ed door. (are you old enough to remember Mr Ed?!!)

Terry said...

I love your new place and always like to see what's been added on each visit!