Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tangled Yoke Cardigan, FINISHED!

Do you remember when I started this projects? It was an eternity ago. I started that project before becoming pregnant with the little guy. (He is now 5 months old.) On his 5th month b-day, I finished said project.

It was well worth the wait! So warm and snuggly. So soft and.....soft. I love every detail. I didn't make one mistake with this sweater (not counting the ones I frogged and re-did). It was the first project I spent big money on. It was worth every single penny! I highly recommend it...(cough, cough, mom, cough). Error free pattern and directions are easy to follow.

If you're super interested in the specifics, I posted about it on ravelry.

Enough babbling, enjoy the pictures. (giggling with excitement)


knot-head said...

It's beautiful! Great job!

Terry said...

It's beautiful...can I borrow it?

Tonyia said...

Gorgeous and cuddly. Love the color!

Now, let us see it when you have it on!

Lisa said...

Haven't worn it yet. Today was a snow day and I didn't want the little one throwing up on it. That, and when I took the pictures I was still in my pajamas. Nobody needs to see me before coffee!