Sunday, June 08, 2008


Today was the cute one's first (and second) T-Ball game. He is still learning the rules and positions. If you have met the cute one, you know he NEVER stops asking questions. I overheard the coach finally say, "Once we get off of the field, I'll explain it to you." That's what you get for being the son of two teachers. He'll probably grow up to be a researcher or journalist. The field was a bit slushy from all of the rain, I'm surprised the game was still on. His pants were broken in when he slipped onto home plate. Cute! Check out the pictures:
Ready to bat
Getting some pointers from the coach
Swing batter!
Towards the end of the second game.
Boredom is beginning to set in.
Yeah, he's clocked out.
This picture was taken right before
his glove became an "awesome mask".


Anonymous said...

That's the kid I know and love! Gma N

Melissa said...

At least he was just using his glove as an awesome mask, and not adjusting his..."junk" like his teammate.
Gotta love the lack of modesty in kids.

Nutty Knitter said...

I'm thinking that's the international "potty dance". The teacher/mom in me didn't even notice. EMBARASSING!

Melissa said...

International "potty dance"! Yes! I think you're on to something!

Still hilarious though.

"awesome mask", that is still making me LOL.