Sunday, July 09, 2006

Glen Echo

In the theatre after the show
With the ringmaster and one of the marionettes after the show. This one had a light up nose (marionette, not the ringmaster).
Riding a giraffe at Glen Echo...doesn't dad look like he's ready to throw himself under that horse he's riding?
Had to beg for the smile.
Do you think he's wondering at this point if it was worth skipping work for?

I'm king of the world! He's actually up pretty high, the picture isn't doing him justice.
NC figuring out the spiral ladder.

I talked hubby into taking a day off of work and going with NC and I to Glen Echo. It's a nice little park that used to be an amusement park. Many of the locals have been re-furbishing it. Very nice way to spend a day with a little one. We took in a marionette show, carousel ride, and jaunt on their playground. The little guy had a wonderful day.


Flatlander said...

NC sure looks like a fun kid! You'll have to bring him to "our" carousel one day.

lmncarpenter said...

We've been talking about it. He's very excited. He loves carousels.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited!