Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Felted Purse

Here is what I call the "fabulous felted purse". I love it! Made quite the hairball in the washing machine (the bag opened while agitating...whoops). I love it. Had some trouble finding a zipper. Apparently, I shrank it a tad too much. I wanted a 7" or 8" zipper and wound up getting it cut to 6". My bad. It turned out really great I think. Sorry about the messy kitchen, you can tell where my priorities are I guess.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! How come it is empty? Did you run out of "stuff"?

lmncarpenter said...

I haven't filled it yet. I'm waiting for Mom to visit. I plan on going to the craft store and look for something that will help me make a matching coin purse! :)