Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hat for Hubby DC said he needs a hat that's thick and warm. He found a pattern that he liked and I didn't have any wool that was bulky enough for his liking. I did have two balls of grey that I LOVE and with a bit of laziness I decided to knit using two balls of yarn. Not unique by any means, but the color can't be duplicated. It turned out nice and thick.

If my younger sister was wondering, it is like using two balls of the yarn I bought for the sweater I started in CA. I like it. Too small for my HUGE melon, but perfect on the hubby. We'll see if he actually wears it.

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Flatlander said...

That looks nice with 2 strands. It looks like variegated yarn.

DC looks like he's deep in concentration in this photo.