Thursday, December 01, 2005

Big Stinky Plant

This is the hour long line to see the "Big Stinky Plant" at the National Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C.

Me telling Dan not to take my picture. As you now know, he doesn't listen to me.

Noah looking cute by a fountain.

The big stinky plant in bloom. This was what it looked like on the second day of bloom. This type of plant only blooms for up to 48hrs.

We went to the botanical gardens to see what NC called "The Big Stinky Plant".


Flatlander said...

That's a really cool looking bloom! How big was it, like 3 feet tall? Do you remember how often it blooms? (every year, every decade, etc)

lmncarpenter said...

I was standing looking straight on at it. I think the pot it was in maybe went to my knees. I'll add another pic with a person in it to give you something to compare it to.